Sympathy CLASS 8 English Lesson 11


Sympathy CLASS 8 English Lesson 11

A plump little girl and a thin little bird
Were out in the meadows together.
‘How cold that poor little bird must be
Without any clothes like mine, said she,
‘Although it is sunshiny weather.’

एक तुच्छ छोटी लड़की और एक पतली छोटी चिड़िया
एक साथ घास के मैदान में थे।
‘कितनी ठंड है कि बेचारी छोटी चिड़िया होनी चाहिए
बिना किसी कपड़े के मेरा, उसने कहा,
‘हालांकि यह धूप का मौसम है।’

‘A nice little girl is that,’ said he,
‘But, Oh, how cold she must be, for see!
She hasn’t a single feather!’
So each shivered to think of the other poor thing,
Although it was sunshiny weather.

‘एक अच्छी लड़की है,’ उसने कहा,
‘लेकिन, ओह, वह कितनी ठंडी होनी चाहिए, देखने के लिए!
वह एक भी पंख नहीं है! ‘
तो प्रत्येक ने दूसरी खराब चीज के बारे में सोचा,
हालांकि यह धूप का मौसम था।

-M. Johnson

Reading Comprehension

I Tick [✔] the correct sentences:

(i) The little bird was covered with feathers                                 [✔]

(ii) They shivered due to the cold weather                                  [X]

(iii) The weather was rainy and cloudy                                        [X]

(iv) The girl is thin and the bird is plump                                     [X]

(v) The little girl and the little bird were out in the meadows       [✔]

II Complete the table about the little girl and the bird:


(1) Dress

(2) Description

(3) Feelings

Skirt, Sweater, Socks, Shoes

Little, Plump



(1) Dress

(2) Description

(3) Feelings


Thin, Little



Now explain:

(i) What was the little girl’s feeling about the little bird?

Answer – The little girl’s feeling about the little bird was sympathetic. She thought about the poor bird as how it would be facing the cold as it did not have warm clothes like her. The thought made her shiver in the sunshiny weather.

(ii) What did the little bird feel about the little girl?

Answer – The little bird’s feeling about the little girl was sympathetic. It thought that how the little girl would be facing the bitter cold without any feather. The thought made it shiver in the sunshiny weather.


  1. Do you want to get inside the house? If ‘yes’ identify a word and take one step up. Clues are given to help you.
CLASS 8 English Lesson 11 Sympathy

Answer –

B. Use the following words in your own sentences :(plump, thin, poor, sunshine, nice)

Answer –

  1. Plump – The little girl was plump.
  2. Thin – The little bird was thin.
  3. Poor – We should help the poor.
  4. Sunshine – The sky is clear in sunshiny weather.
  5. Nice – We should be nice to the animals.


  1. Make a list of the describing words in the poem:

Answer –

  1. Plump
  2. Little
  3. Thin
  4. Poor
  5. Sunshiny
  6. Nice
  7. Single
  1. Look at the following phrases carefully:

A plump little girl, a thin little bird

A nice little girl, a poor little bird

Now arrange the following words to get a meaningful phrase according to the hint given below:

[Age  Quality Type Shape  Size  Colour]

  1. a big hill green / a sea green / the beautiful blue sky wide.
  2. a new white aeroplane / an old train blue.
  3. a red new frock / a pink beautiful flower.
  4. a black ,little, nice girl.
  5. a new pretty baby, pink / a red new ribbon.
  6. a little poor old woman / a blue bright new star.
  7. a brown, beautiful, small packet.

Answer –

  1. a big green hill / a green sea /the beautiful wide blue sky.
  2. a white new aeroplane / an old blue train.
  3. a new red frock / a beautiful pink flower.
  4. a nice little black girl.
  5. a new pretty pink baby / a new red ribbon.
  6. a poor little old woman / a bright new blue star.
  7. a beautiful small brown packet.