Sayani CLASS 8 English Lesson 13


Sayani CLASS 8 English Lesson 13

Reading Comprehension

  1. Answer the following questions –
  2. Look at the first advertisement. What has the prize been given for?

Answer – The prize is given to the winners of ‘Jago Grahak Jago’ television quiz.

  1. What is the ISI mark used for?

Answer – The ISI mark is used to confirm the standard quality of the product. It also ensures that product is safe to use.

  1. Why should we buy packaged spice?

Answer – We should buy packages spice because loose spices may contain synthetic colours and additives which could be harmful to our health.

  1. How can you know that the gold you are buying is pure?

Answer – We can know that the gold we are buying is pure by making sure that it has hallmark symbol. Hallmarked jewellery passes through a rigorous fire assay test for complete purity.

  1. What punishment is given to manufacturers who use ISI mark?

Answer – The manufacturers who use fake ISI mark is given the following punishments –

(i) Imprisonment up to one year or

(ii) A fine up Rs. 50000/- or both

(iii) Forfeiture of seized property.

  1. Why is the slogan ‘Jago Grahak Jago’ used?

Answer – The slogan ‘Jago Grahak Jago’ is used to make the consumer aware about their rights.

  1. What are the benefits of purchasing ISI mark.

Answer – ISI mark is awarded only to the products with standard quality. The benefits of purchasing ISI marked product is that we get genuine products with safety measures.

  1. Complete the paragraph:
  1. The winners of JagoGrahak Jago TV Quiz. A cash prize of Rs. 1000 was given to the winner.
  2. Syani Rani asks consumers to recognise right ISI mark from Fake ISI mark for safety’s sake.
  3. As per PFA rules, spices can be sold in packaged out labelled form loose spices may contain synthetic colours and additives which may be harmful

to health.

  1. Caratmeter is used for measuringpurityof gold. It is not the right test for measuring the purity of gold. Always look for BIS Hallmark on gold.
  2. For consumer complaints, the new helpline number is1800-11-4000.


  1. Given is the list of some words, use – ‘ity’ at the end of each word

Example is given:


































  1. Pickup any five words from exercise ‘A’ and use them in your own sentences:

Answer –

  1. Suitable – Synthetic food are not suitable for our health.
  2. Pure – We should drink pure water.
  3. Sure – One must sure about the result of the actions taken.
  4. Grave – The dead-bodies should be buried in grave.
  5. Able – Ramesh is not able to play cricket as he hurt his leg.
  6. Capable – The mind is capable of doing all things.
  7. Comparable – The prizes in this shop are comparable with the other shops.
  8. Accountable – The directors are held accountable by the shareholders.
  9. Acceptable – Bad behaviours would never be acceptable anywhere.
  10. Teachable – Curious students are always more teachable than the others.


  1. Look at the following sentences and rewrite them again as given in the example:


For safety’s sake, recognise the right ISI mark & ignore the fake.

You should recognise the ISI mark & ignore the fake for your safety.

  1. Be wise, always insist on buying packaged spice.

Answer – You should always be wise and insist on buying packaged spice.

  1. Always remember our new toll free helpline number.

Answer – You should always remember our new toll free helpline number.

  1. Congratulate the winners.

Answer – You should congratulate the winners.

  1. Buy only pure gold.

Answer – You should buy only pure gold.

  1. Make sure that the BIS Hallmark is stamped on gold.

Answer – You should always make sure that the BIS Hallmark is stamped on gold.

  1. Don’t use fake marks.

Answer – You should not use fake marks.

  1. Always use packaged spices.

Answer – You should always use packaged spices.

  1. Your friend has a headache. Give him/her some advice which will help him/her to get relief. An example is done for you:

Example: you should take rest.

Answer –

  1. You should take your medicine on time.
  2. You should eat light food.
  3. You should not watch TV or mobile.
  4. You should not strain your eyes.
  5. You should sleep more for quick recovery.
  6. “If the ISI mark you’re using is fake, you will be penalised for your


Rewrite these sentences in passive voice. Some of them require the ‘by phrase’. Some do not require the ‘by phrase’. Discuss the reasons with your partner. Share it with the whole class.

  1. Someone will penalize you.

Answer – You will be penalized.

  1. Somebody will feed the cows.

Answer – The cows will be feeded.

  1. They found 10,000 year old tools in Tarrighat, Chhattisgarh.

Answer – 10,000 year old tools were found in Tarrighat, Chhattisgarh by them.

  1. The Education Minister gave me this certificate.

Answer – This certificate was given to me by the Education Minister.

  1. They will serve food in time.

Answer – The food will be served on time by them.

  1. Doordarshan will relay the event.

Answer – The event will be relayed by Doordarshan.

  1. Make a list of activities which will be done on Independence Day in your school. You can use the hints.

Example: Republic day will be celebrated in our school. (Republic day –celebrate)

Answer –

  1. Flag will be hoisted. (flag – hoist)
  2. Speeches will be made by our teachers and authorities. (speeches – make)
  3. Songs will be sang by the students. (songs – sing)
  4. Various dances will be performed. (dances – perform)
  5. Prizes will be given by the Chief-guests. (prizes – give)
  6. Sweets will be distributed to the students. (sweets – distribute)
CLASS 8 English Lesson 13 Sayani