He is my brother Class 5: Subject- English Lesson 13


He is my brother Class 5: Subject- English Lesson 13

Once upon a time there was a small hill. A path went up the hill.

It went through thick and lovely woods of pine and fir trees. People
often walked on it to a holy place.

One day when the sun shone high in the sky, many people were
seen climbing up the hill. They were climbing slowly and carefully.

A girl also climbed the hill with them. Her name was Meena. Meena was twelve years old. She carried a small boy on her back.He was four years old.

His hair was curly. His eyes were black and his face was as fresh as the morning dew.

As the sunshine danced through the trees, Meena climbed the hill slowly and steadily. Meena was happy. The boy was also happy.
A man in the group looked at Meena. He felt sorry for her. He
asked her, “My child, why are you carrying the boy on your
back? Don‖t you feel his load?”
Meena looked at him in wonder. She could not understand him. (Her brother was unable to walk). Meena asked, “Load? Of course not!
He is my brother!”

He is my brother Class 5

I. New words

understand, climb, holy, dew

II Read and write

(A) Answer these questions :

  1. Where were the people going?
  2. What did the man say to Meena?
  3. Why do you think Meena was carrying her brother?

(B) Choose the correct answer :

(i) The path went ………….. :
(a) up the hill.
(b) down the hill.
(c) away from the woods.
(d) between two hills.
(ii) Which statement is not correct about Meena’s brother :
(a)Meena‖s brother is four years old.
(b)He was tired.
(c)He couldn‖t walk.
(d)He enjoyed the ride on the back.
(iii) Meena didn’t feel any load on her back because:
(a) she was beautiful.
(b) she didn‖t carry any load.
(c) she was 12 years old.
(d) she was carrying her brother on her back.

III. Let’s talk

Do you help your family members in their work?
(i) What do you do for your mother?
(ii) How do you help your father?
(iii) When do your friends ask for help?

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