CLASS 8 English Lesson 17 Nothing but the Target

CLASS 8 English Lesson 17 Nothing but the Target

CLASS 8 English Lesson 17 Nothing but the Target

Reading Comprehension
I. Answer the following questions:
1. What is special about Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore winning the silver medal in shooting?Answer – The special thing about Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore winning the silver medal in shooting is that it was India’s first individual silver medal in Olympic history in shooting event.

2. What makes the country feel proud?Answer – The country feels proud when its people won honours and medals at the international level.
3. Why did he wrap the country’s flag around himself at the presentation?Answer – He wrapped the country’s flag around himself at the presentation because he wanted something close to the symbol which represents his country – India.
4. What would he do whenever he needed focus on the sport?Answer – Whenever he needed focus on the sport, he would close his eyes and think of the target of how he would do, how his emotions would be, what would be his game plan for the match and everything that can make him win.
5. Why is aggression important in a sport?
Answer – Aggression is important in a sport because if you lose your aggression, you will also lose your natural way of playing the game.
B. Choose the correct alternative:1. The 28th Olympic games were held in -(a) Sydney (b) Seoul (c) Athens (d) LondonAnswer – (c) Athens
2. How did he feel when he received the silver medal -(a) absolutely great (b) happy (c) sense of relief (d) sense of prideAnswer – (a) absolutely great
3. Whenever I felt that I was getting anxious I would -(a) sing a song (b) smile a bit(c) think of the target (d) relax, crack a joke & talk to somebody.Answer – (d) relax, crack a joke & talk to somebody
VocabularyUse the words given below in your sentences:1. Accomplish – We must work hard to accomplish our goals in life.2. Aggression – Aggression is very important in sports.3. Target – We must set targets for ourselves to achieve.4. Draped – Nisha is looking beautiful draped in her red saree.
GrammarA. Select the words from the box A and go round the class and ask the questions:Question: Who knows what Kawardha is famous for?Answer: I know that Kawardha is famous for Bhoramdev Temple.

SN‘A’‘B’Correct Match
1Kawardha (Kabirdham)Jain TempleBhoramdev Temple
2ChamparanBhoramdev TempleJain Temple
3RajimCavesRajiv Lochan Temple
6Bella-DillaSteel PlantIron-Ore
7BhilaiMana AirportSteel Plant
8RaipurRajiv Lochan TempleMana Airport
9BastarDanteshwari TempleBastar Dushera
10DantewadaBastar DusheraDanteshwari Temple
11DhamtariGangrel DamGangrel Dam
13Janjgir-ChampaKosa SilkKosa Silk
14Kanger ValleySanctuarySanctuary
15Khairagarh UniversityMusic and ArtsMusic and Arts

Answer –Question 2: Who knows what Champaran is famous for?Answer 2: I know that Champaran is famous for Jain Temple.
Question 3: Who knows what Rajim is famous for?Answer 3: I know that Rajim is famous for Rajiv Lochan Temple.
Note – This is an easy exercise and is meant to be in Oral form. I have given two solutions here and in this way the teacher-students can continue the activity. As the correct match has been given here, so there would be no problem to replace the name of places and why they are famous for.

B. Match the columns ‘A’ and ‘B’ and write the sentences as given in the example and underline ‘that’ clause:

SN‘A’‘B’Correct Match
1Dhanraj PillaiFootballHockey
2Anju GeorgeCricketLong Jump
3Bhaichung BhutiaTennisFootball
4Mahendra Singh DhoniHockeyCricket
5Sania MirzaChessTennis
6Vishwanath AnandAthleticsChess
7Prakash PadukoneLong jumpBadminton
8P.T. UshaBadmintonAthletics


I know that Sania Mirza is famous for Tennis.

Answer –1. I know that Dhanraj Pillai is famous for hockey.

2. I know that Anju George is famous for long jump.

3. I know that Bhaichung Bhutia is famous for football.

4. I know that Mahendra Singh Dhoni is famous for cricket.

5. I know that Sania Mirza is famous for tennis.

6. I know that Vishwanath Anand is famous for chess.

7. I know that Prakash Padukone is famous for badminton.

8. I know that P.T. Usha is famous for athletics.

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