Class 7 English Lesson 3 Hand Care

Class 7 English Lesson 3 Hand Care

Class 7 English Lesson 3 Hand Care

Lesson 3 Hand Care

Word Meanings

Corner Stone (कार्नर स्टोन) = बहुत महत्वपूर्ण

Infection (इन्फेक्शन) = संक्रमण

Control (कण्ट्रोल) = नियंत्रण, नियंत्रित करना

Discuss (डिस्कस) = विचार-विमर्श करना

Cleansing (क्लींजिंग) = सफाई, गंदगी साफ़ करना

Established (इस्टेबलिश्ड) = प्रमाणित   

Technique (टेकनीक) = तकनीक

Inadequate (इनएडीक्वेट) = अपर्याप्त

Thoroughly (थॉरोली) = पूरी तरह से, पूर्णतया  

Measure (मेज़र) = मात्रा  

Cleanser (क्लींजर) = तरल रूप में साबुन

Rub (रब) = रगड़ना

Palm (पाम) = हथेली

Rotate (रोटेट) = घुमाना 

Reading Comprehension

  1. Write the sentence from the lesson that means “bad techniques of hand washing leads to infection”.

Answer – The sentence from the lesson is –

        The results of a hand cleansing study established that in many cases, hand washing technique was inadequate.”

  1. Look at the first picture and name the areas most frequently missed while washing hands.

Answer – The areas most frequently missed while washing hands are – back of the thumb, tip of all the fingers, joints of the middle three fingers and most parts of the palm.

  1. There are six steps of hand washing in the advertisement. Which are the steps generally missed out by us?

Answer – The step number 5 and 6 are generally missed out by us.

Step 5 – Rotate right hand around left thumb, change hands and repeat.

Step 6- Rotate right hand around left wrist, change hands and repeat.

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