Class 6 English Lesson 14 Puppy and I

Lesson 14 Puppy and I

Lesson 14 Puppy and I

Lesson 14 Puppy and I
Lesson 14 Puppy and I

Reading Comprehension

Answer the following questions:

1. Who does ‘I’ stand for in the title?

Answer- ‘I’ in the title stands for a jolly little boy child.

2. Why does the child talk to everyone he meets on his way?

Answer- The child talks to everyone he meets on his way because he wants to know where they are going.

3. Why does the child agree to go with the puppy?

Answer- The child agrees to go with the puppy because the child also wants to roll and play with the puppy on the hills.

4. Why does the child always say “No, not I”?

Answer- The child always says, “No, not I”; because he does not want to go to the village to buy something.

5. List the names of all those who said, “Will you come with me/us?”

Answer- The list of all the names who asked the boy to come with them is –(i) A man(ii) A horse(iii) A woman(iv) Some rabbits

6. What is the question that the child asks everyone he meets?

Answer- The child asks everyone he meets the same question, “Where are you going to?”

7. Write the answer he gets to his questions.

Answer- The child gets these answers –

(i) From the man – “Down to the village to get some bread.”

(ii) From the horse – “Down to the village to get some hay.”

(iii) From the woman – “Down to the village to get some barley.”

(iv) From the rabbits – ““Down to the village to get some oats.”

(v) From the puppy – “Up in the hills to roll and play.”

8. Write the opening line of each stanza.

Answer-  Let the students do it all by themselves.

9. Complete the following sentences with the words from the poem:.

A. (a) The man was going to get some bread.

(b) The horse was going to get some hay.

(c) The woman was going to get some barley.

(d) The rabbits were going to get some oats.

B. Pick out the words from the poem related to food and put them in the web chart given below.


A. Choose the correct word from the given pairs and complete the rhymes:

pearls – curls              flowers – towers
beat – treat                  cheese – these
choice – noise

1. The little girlshad teeth like pearls.

2. The clouds bring showersto the thirsty flowers.

3. They moved their feetto the drum’s loud beat .

4. He says he agreeswith those but not these.

5. The most naughty boysmake a lot of noise.
B. Match phrases in column A with the rhyming words in column B.


As you know some objects can be counted and some not. We can count ‘trees’ and ‘chairs’ but we cannot count ‘milk’ and ‘sand’.

Pick out countable and uncountable nouns from the poem and write them in the correct column:

Countable nounsUncountable nouns

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