Class 6 English Lesson 4 A Masai Home

Lesson 4 A Masai Home

Lesson 4 A Masai Home

Word Meaning 

Masai (मसाई) = पूर्वी अफ्रीका की एक जनजाति

Tribe (ट्राइब) = जनजाति

Traditional (ट्रेडिशनल) = पारंपरिक

Cattle (कैटल) = मवेशी, पशु

Shape (शेप) = आकार

Weaving (वीविंग) = बुनाई

Twig (ट्विग) = टहनी

Weather (वेदर) = मौसम

Moist (मॉइस्ट) = नमी युक्त 

Hide (हाईड) = जानवर की खाल या चमड़ा   

Fire (फायर) = आग  

Smoke (स्मोक) = धुंआँ  

Calves (काल्व्स) = बछड़े (calf का बहुवचन)

Den (डेन) = गुफा  

Vessel (वेसल) = बर्तन

Hollowed Out (हॉलोड आउट) = खोखला किया हुआ

Gourd (गोर्ड) = लौकी, तुम्बी 

Reading Comprehension

A. (i) Complete the table about a Masai house.

QuestionLong AnswerShort Answer
Who makes it?The Masai women make it.The Masai women.
How is it made?It is made in the rectangular shape with branches, twigs, grass and dung.With the help of branches and twigs.
Number of roomsThere is just one room.One room.
Number of peopleAbout six people in a house.About six people.
Number of windowsThere is no window in the Masai house.No window
Number of openingsThere is only one opening in the Masai house.One opening

(ii) Complete the table

In a ‘Masai house’ where do you find these ?

1.KitchenIn the centre of the house.
2.Special denInside the house.
3.Place for sleepingInner side of the house.

(iii) Branches are used by a Masai for

a. building the house

b. cooking

B. Answer the following questions.

(1) Where do the Masai women sleep?

Answer – The Masai women sleep in an inner corner of the Masai house.

(2) Why do they keep the fire burning in their house? Give three reasons.

Answer – The keep the fire burning in their house for –  1. Cooking 2.    Warmth 3.   Light


1. Complete the web. Write the names of the vessels in your own language too.

2. Look at the shapes given below carefully and match them with the descriptions.

3. Make as many words as you can from the given word and write them in your notebook. (you can make at least 21 words)

Two letters wordsan, at, do, in, it, no, on, to
Three letters wordsaid, air, and, ant, art, don, dot, lad, lid, lot, nil, nod, not, oar, oat, oil, rad, rid, rod, rot, tin, ton
Four letters wordsdart, data, dirt, idol, into, iron ,land, lion, load, loan, lord, nail, oral, rail, rain, road, tail, tint, toad, torn, trot

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