पोस्ट में पूछे जाने वाले सवालों का उत्तर और पाठ या अध्याय को पढ़ने या वीडियो देखने के बाद आपने जो भी सीखा ? उसे आप हमें COMMENT BOX में लिख कर भेज सकते हैं ताकि अन्य विद्यार्थी भी लाभान्वित हो सके.




Famously known as the Shimla of Chhattisgarh, Mainpat is a plateau located at a height of 1099 m from the sea level. Out of this area 226 sq.km. is a dense forest cover. This entire plateau is called Mainpat.

Spread over an area of 368 sq.km., this plateau offers breathtaking views of mother nature. Melodiously singing streams, gracefully flowing tranquil rivers, and dense forests brimming with rich flora and fauna enchant millions of travellers. Ayurvedic herbs, rare plants and vibrant varieties of avifauna enliven the beautiful plateau.

Mainpat consists of 24 villages with a total population of 25000. Mainpat is truly a hidden gem, with lots of adventure awaiting tourists in its green slopes, beautiful valleys, gently flowing brooks, unexplored waterfalls and forests.

Historic importance:

After the IndiaChina war in 1962-63, Tibetan refugees settled on the plateau and today, the Tibetan population here is approximately 1800. Very rich in their roots, Tibetans have maintained their vibrant culture and Buddhist flavour. A very authentic and highly unique way of life, Buddhism offers the way to Nirvana. Based in Surguja, the people here offer a warm delight to the travellers, giving a glimpse of their Buddhist culture that transcends all religions


Buddha Temple:

This is the only temple dedicated to Lord Buddha in Chhattisgarh, and the most authentic Buddhist rituals are performed here every day.

The most famous Tibetan festivals are celebrated in this temple. These include: The day of Lord Buddha’s first speech after enlightenment, The day lord Buddha returned from heaven to meet his mother after attaining nirvana, new year and Dalai Lama’s birth day.

This temple is of special interest to various tourists because it has the rare confluence of Surguja’s simplistic Adivasi culture and Tibetan Buddhist culture.

Tiger Point:

At the centre of the Mahadev Muda River, where the forest cover is extremely dense, there is a beautiful waterfall that falls from a height of 60 m. Since this was a territory marked by Tigers, it came to be known as the Tiger Point. At this point the river is at its most beautiful best and surrounded by lots of medicinal herbs. The Government has constructed railings so that travellers and tourists can enjoy the breathtaking views from here.

Machali Point:

Enveloped in the deep mountain ranges, is a clean river called 114 Machali Nadi. Full of little fishes, this river falls deeper, creating a spectacular waterfall. This point is called the Machali Point and the height of the waterfall is 48m. Through the droplets and fog of the falling water, the hills look even more mesmerizing. Here, you can also see an 80m waterfall, cascading down like milky white satin. This waterfall is rightly called the Milky Way. For geologists and environmentalists, this point is of special importance. Various water sports can be enjoyed here and tourists can take back memories of a thrilling and exhilarating experience.


Located in between forest department vigilance point no.2328 and 2329, Damli, Parpatiya presents unlimited natural beauty and heart-stirring surroundings. Many awe-inspiring points can be seen from Parpatiya, mainlyBandarkot Mountains Raksamada Caves, Dulha-Dulhan mountains, Banral Dam, Shyam Ghunghutta Dams and Ramgarh Mountains. The Chhattisgarh Tourism Board has created a spot for adventure sports here. Tourists can enjoy paragliding here.

Mehta Point:

Just 8 km away from Mainpat, this spectacular waterfall is embraced by tall mountain ranges. Blending together the borders of Surguja and Raigarh, the Mehta Point is a must visit for all travellers. Comfortable shelters of the Forest Department are available to tourists. The Mehta Point is very much reachable by private vehicles.

Dev Pravah(Jaljali):


This beautiful stream located in Kamleshwar, flows incessantly, later falling into an 80m waterfall. This waterfall is called the Dev Pravah and is extremely famous for rich herbs and medicinal plants that grow around it. Enriched with unique flora and fauna, this waterfall offers the tourists an interesting getaway in the proximity of nature.


Chhattisgarh is a land of mysterious caves, and Mainpat is no exception here. The caves of Mainpat include- Bandarkot, Raksamada (32 km), Bhalumada (8km) and Paiga Khoh.

Cultural Delight:

A beautiful blend of various cultures can be enjoyed at Mainpat. The main delights are tribal village, Avgava and Tibetan camps.


Different pilgrim destinations welcome you to this sacrosanct land. These include Buddha Math , Kala Mandir (16 km), Banjara Temple (12 km), Jungleshwar Temple (18 km), Shivalaya (12 km), Panhi Pankhna (36 km) and Dulha-Dulhan (31 km).

Forests and Valleys:

Bathed in rich green foliage, Mainpat blushes in green with beautiful valleys like – Kadnai (28 km), Kardna(26 km), Sakriya(16 km), Govindpur (21 km) and Paiga(15 km).


In Saila Tourist Resort operated by Chhattisgarh Tourism Board, 2-room forest department shelters are available. Apart from that, at Ambikapur via Darima (55 km) one can reach luxury hotels and authentic Dharmashalas.

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